Frequently Asked Questions

What does SunnyTherm® do?
SunnyTherm® heats the air in homes, offices, workshops, cabins, barns, greenhouses, etc.

Can I turn the system off?
Yes. Just set the thermostat to your desired temperature and it will turn on and off automatically.

Can I store heat for use at night?
Yes. It is simple to build your own heat bank to store the heat for use at night.

Do I need an electrician to install it?
No. The standard model simply plugs into any convenient electrical outlet to power the blower. You can even use a small photovoltaic panel to operate it entirely off- grid or when the power goes out. The minimal power needed for the blower fan is about the same as needed for a 7-watt light bulb.

Do I need a plumber to hook up water pipes?
No. There are no pipes and no water involved.

Do I have to mount it on the roof?
No. It can be mounted on any exterior wall with good exposure to direct sunlight. Mounting it on a wall also prevents snow buildup in the winter.

How often does it require servicing?
The only moving part is the blower, which is design rated at 50,000 hours. Even if it is operating 8 hours every day, it would take more than 17 years to reach 50,000 hours.

What effect do clouds have on performance?
The more sunlight it receives the more heat it provides. But the SunnyTherm® will still provide heat when there are occasional clouds or even with a light overcast. Because the panels absorb radiant heat from the sun—not the sun’s light, as with photovoltaic panels—they’re able to function even on overcast days.

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